Personal Branding as a Leadership Requirement

  • A brand is a commitment that builds a relationship between a professional/a company. For a professional, this means the following, as detailed by contributor to Forbes, Glenn Llopis (2013):
    • The process of developing a personal brand is a big responsibility that extends beyond social media and an online presence
    • Managing one’s personal brand means that you are showcasing your achievements and success stories
    • You must be fully accountable to your audience and your customers, as your personal brand should become instinctual and natural, a genuine part of who you are
    • Llopis suggests living through the “lens of a brand” to develop more mindfully a true authenticity that will be meaningful to customers

Social Media Branding for Professionals and for Businesses

  • Social media is an effective way to manage a brand’s equity, image, and campaign. Sprout Social contributor Dominique Jackson writes of ten social media strategies, from which, I have chosen the three I find most useful (2016):
    • Develop your voice
      • How you communicate should connect with your audience
    • Use your bio/profile section
      • Let people know who you are and what you do, don’t fill this section up with hashtags or motivational quotes
    • Engage, engage, engage
      • Share content, but also reply to tweets and comments

Designing Brand Identity

  • One of the most significant steps in branding is the actual planning and design of the brand identity. Alina Wheeler created a comprehensive guide-style book from which I have found the following self-reflective questions to be useful in my strategic planning (2013):
    • Who are you? Who needs to know? How will they find you? Why should they care?
    • When do you start the process of designing brand identity?
      • New company, new product
      • Name change
      • Brand revitalization
      • Creating an integrated system
    • When companies merge/when you partner with someone
    • Who are stakeholders? Who are constituents? What are their characteristics and needs?


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