Entering the World of Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • From MMC Learning’s information on IMC, I found an additional way of thinking about integrated marketing communications, that it is a simple concept that ensures that all forms of communications and messages work together in harmony (2015).
  • One of the most important parts of IMC is that it builds on strategic planning and branding; one of the golden rules of IMC is to “build relationships and brand values (MMC Learning, 2015).”
  • Additionally, one should identify different marketing communications to use in an IMC, some of which include (Meyer, 2016):
    • Content marketing – making content available through online blogging and dynamic website content
    • Advertising – pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, and a variety of other channels
    • Sales promotions – incentives like bonus offers, special discounts, trial offers, and other limited-time promotions
    • Social media – developing brand awareness and generating website traffic
  • Coca Cola is an example of a company that has had a successful IMC approach, setting a standard that offers a point of reference (Stringer, 2015).
    • Coca Cola has had record-setting sales and revenues, brand visibility and recognition and positioning on the global market.
    • Coca Cola products are consumed world-wide as a direct result of retail and in-store marketing efforts.

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